Taft East Gate - AMENITIES

  • Hotel-Inspired Grand Lobby for each Tower
  • Four (4) High-speed Elevators with Key Card Access
  • CCTV on selected Common Areas
  • Provision for Cable TV, Telephone, Data & CATV connections
  • Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • 100% Standby Power Generator (common areas and residential units)

With a focus on creating a high quality way of life for its residents, Taft East Gate is naturally packed full of fantastic facilities and amenities, designed to increase comfort and enjoyment. The micro-township concept promises that residents can feel safe and secure in their home, and will allow you to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Far more than just a roof over your head, an apartment at Taft East Gate is a step into the high life - at a great price.

Initial impressions

The moment you step into the development, you will be overwhelmed at how quickly you are transported away from the busy city, into a tranquil oasis. The outside will feature a number of beautiful landscaped gardens, ideal for taking a stroll through to unwind or gather your thoughts. Around the gardens you’ll find a number of terraced retail units, including cafes and restaurants, great for brunch with a friend or a romantic dinner for two.

As you step into the tower, you’ll enter the breathtaking grand lobby. Inspired by grand hotels around the world, this extravagance makes a lasting first impression. But it’s not just a pretty picture; here you’ll find a reception desk and a highly trained concierge, happy to help with any queries you may have. Through the lobby, you’ll find the four, high speed, residents only elevators, taking you up to your new home in style.

Health and Wellbeing

It’s the classic New Year’s resolution, shared by millions of people around the world; I will join the gym and be more healthy. We all strive for this, but real life doesn’t always make it easy to hit the gym and get some exercise. However, at Taft East Gate, you’ll find the gym, swimming pool and multi-purpose sports area on your doorstep.

The gym is fully equipped with everything you need to get a varied workout, while the swimming pool is ideal for getting some laps in before or after work. The multi purpose sports room allows residents to form teams and enjoy sports such as football and basketball. Of course, taking a stroll or a light jog through the gardens is also fantastic.

Swimming Pool

The pool is great for exercise, but even better for relaxing in on a warm day. The large pool comes complete with a deck for relaxing on and a terraced poolside lounge, ideal for sipping something cold and fruity.

Other Features

There are a number of additional features to enjoy at Taft East Gate, such as the exciting Sky Plaza, an excellent place to relax after work, as you gaze over the city with a tasty drink. Residents can also make use of a number of function rooms, which can be booked for events such as parties or for business use. Finally, the retail areas on the ground floor will supply you with all you need, from groceries to coffee.

Building the concept for Taft East Gate is a result of a collaborative work from some of the best designers, architects, interior design consultants, engineers, and real estate contractors. Hence, this team of experts made sure that you can experience the best that the condominium lifestyle has to offer.

Before delving into the list of amenities that you can enjoy, it is important to look into the unique design concepts used for constructing the condominium towers. The main focus was to integrate comfort by design and you can expect that with the modern features incorporated into each unit. For example, the lower light switches is a practical change that makes turning the light on or off more accessible for every member of your family, including your little ones. Meanwhile, the lever design on all door handles mean more convenient way to open or close doors that require less effort. Aside from being modern, the designers have also switched to the use of a standardized modern fiberboard door, which is durable and environmentally-friendly.

When it comes to the kitchen and bathroom, there are also a few changes in the design. The countertops and sinks have been designed with raised edges so as to prevent spills from reaching the floors. In addition, the fast drain technology in the shower means that ponding will no longer be an issue. It is also a great hygienic enhancement!

Upon the turnover of the unit to its qualified owners, you can expect the following: wooden main door, kitchen countertop with cabinet and sink, painted wall finish, homogenous tiles, PVC door for bathroom, basic toilet and bathroom fixtures, wall tiles for shower area, and ceramic bathroom floor tiles.

The design for the grand lobby of this condominium is hotel-inspired; therefore, you will feel like you are walking into a five-star luxurious hotel. It sets the tone for the elegant and luxurious lifestyle that awaits you in this condominium. Aside from the grand lobby, the common areas in this condominium are also monitored by a CCTV system alongside the roving security guards and the security personnel at the lobby. The safety and security of the residents is of the highest premium here.

You can also expect the same modern amenities available to luxurious condominiums such as a fire alarm system coupled with an automatic sprinkler system. Meanwhile, the condominium towers are serviced by high-speed elevators with key card access. The common areas and the residential units are also supported by 100% backup power in the event of a blackout.

The garden balcony is the most distinctive feature that Taft East Gate can boast of. It provides unit owners with a sense of nature and suburban charm in the middle of the city. You can therefore wake up to your garden balcony every morning as you sip on your cup of coffee. Even when the surrounding locations are highly urbanized, you can enjoy that sense of nature and green in your own unit.

At the same time, there are a few more amenities available at Taft East Gate that promises to offer modern convenience. Retail stores are available within the building itself for your own shopping convenience. On the other hand, there is a multi-purpose sports area that offers complex-like features and amenities. You can therefore break off a sweat a little bit to provide ease from the stress of work. Other luxurious amenities available here include a fitness gym, function halls, swimming pool, landscaped gardens, and multiple parking levels.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym & Function Halls
  • Multi-purpose Sports Area
  • Landscaped Gardens
  • Retail Shops
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