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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio Mid Unit ₱ 2,944,000 - 3,062,000 28 sqm - 29.5 sqm
Studio End Unit ₱ 3,968,000 - 4,380,000 36 sqm
1 Bedroom Mid Unit ₱ 4,683,000 - 5,122,000 43 sqm - 47.5 sqm
2 Bedroom Mid Unit ₱ 6,940,000 - 6,960,000 43 sqm - 47.5 sqm
2 Bedroom End Unit ₱ 8,479,000 - 8,504,000 72.5 sqm

Why this is a great investment

There are a great many reasons why one might want to choose Taft East Gate as their new home. Whether it’s the stunning central location, the amazing clean living, oasis in the city concept, the fantastic apartments on offer, or all the extra amenities and facilities, there’s more than one good reason for everyone.

High quality, affordable price tag
Life at Taft East Gate is clean, community driven and enjoyable. The ‘town within a city’ offers so much, but is at the same time very affordable. The units available are more spacious than similar condos in Cebu, and offer a comfortable home life. But when you buy a residential unit, you also gain access to all the other fantastic features on your doorstep.

Fantastic Neighborhood
Outside of the micro-township, the thriving Cebu City awaits, and with a huge variation of amenities nearby, everyone is catered for. For business, there are two bustling business centers within walking distance. Students have quick and easy access to schools and universities, while a number of nearby entertainment venues provide a change of scenery whenever you need it. If you need to go further afield, two major road networks are just a short drive away.

Future Safe
A property in this up and coming neighborhood is likely to be desirable for many years, and as more businesses move in, so too will additional staff require accommodation. If the time comes to move on, you’re likely to find a buyer willing to pay a fair price with ease. This also provides incredible resale or rental opportunities for investors.

So, why not check it out today, and prepare to fall in love with this superb development, created with care and passion by Taft Properties.

The reasons to invest in your own unit at Taft East Gate are stacking up on top of each other. One of the prime reasons why you should consider this as your next residential address is because of the future developments in the area. The current location of the condominium is also considered strategic and of prime land; but wait until you see all four phases of the development that Taft Properties had planned. It will continue to boom and the real estate value of this condominium will see an exponential growth.

The affordable pricing of the units at Taft East Gate cannot be beat as well. With a starting price of PhP 4 million, it is a great deal that is simply too good to pass up. With the premier and modern amenities available, you can also maximize your investment and enjoy the kind of lifestyle that you wish to pursue.

This part of Cebu is also considered as one of the safest neighborhoods. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the kind of neighborhood that you are raising your child or family in. You can maximize the features and developments available right at your doorstep. Even if you choose to re-sell your property in the foreseeable future, you are still stand to gain a lot from it. But with the unique concept of bringing a sense of nature and suburban to a highly modern condominium is something that you won’t let pass by! For all these reasons, Taft East Gate in Cebu is definitely worthy of your attention.

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